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iRobot — Sapphire

  • Scott Leisawitz

    Wed Jan 12 @ 12:43PM

    Hello team.

    We've posted the first pass at the 300x250. Please check it out and post your comments here. We'll jump on them asap!


  • Ali Donahue

    Wed Jan 12 @ 5:23PM

    This is a great start on the 300x250! Here's the team's feedback:

    • Please speed up the transition between F1 and F2.
    • I think we can move the robot faster overall
    • Let's pause on F3 a beat longer

    I think that's it. Looking real good! 💯

  • Scott Leisawitz

    Wed Jan 12 @ 6:25PM

    Ok, Ali. That all sounds good and doable. We'll update you here by tomorrow EOD. Thanks!


  • Scott Leisawitz

    Thu Jan 13 @ 9:25AM

    Ali, we addressed your comments on the 300x250 and posted v2. Please check out and let us know your feedback, or mark it as approved.

  • Ali Donahue

    Thu Jan 13 @ 12:41PM

    Approved: Cleaning, HTML 300x250 - v5

    Awesome, team! The 300x250 is approved. Please move ahead with the resizes. Thank you!

  • Scott Leisawitz

    Mon Jan 17 @ 7:03AM

    Hi Ali,

    The resizes are ready for your review (160x600, 300x600 and 728x90).

    FYI we increased logo size on all of them to give it a little punch. We hope you like it!


  • Ali Donahue

    Tue Jan 18 @ 8:51AM

    Approved: Cleaning, HTML 160x600 - v5

    160x600 Looks perfect, thank you!

  • Ali Donahue

    Tue Jan 18 @ 8:52AM

    Approved: Cleaning, HTML 300x600 - v4

    300x600 is good to go.

  • Ali Donahue

    Tue Jan 18 @ 8:53AM

    Approved: Cleaning, HTML 728x90 - v3

    This is my fav! Approved.